For Those who [DO].

Enabling you to continue to [do] the things you enjoy is our priority one. We love to have fun and want to do whatever we can to remove obstacles that stop us from enjoying life, even the simple things.

Currently, we are focused on developing products that help with Mobility. Working from the inside to the outside of the body to create realistic solutions to help you to be at your best.

Some of us want to be able to walk up the steps without pain while athletes want to run and recover faster. Mobility is the key, and we not only want you to feel better but we want to help you in a life-changing way.


How it all started

It all started with “Ouch my knees hurt” then followed with “My fingers are so painful from work and nothing is stopping the pain.”

Frustrated to find solutions for myself and family has driven me to find solutions. At first, I thought, who am I to find a fix? I did have a knack for research as I ran a multitude of projects, lab experiments and high tech inventions within BOEING for 21 years. So then I decided why not, high tech components to knees, sure I can find a way.

So for 30 years, I created a multitude of products that help people from joint pain to diabetes. However, I only created these products for friends and family.

What turned this from a hobby to a passion was the positive responses that I was receiving from people who obtain my products from friends of my family and their friends. It’s extremely rewarding meeting people for the first time and realizing how you have had a positive impact on their lives.  It’s a feeling that is like no other and I wanted to do more.

You can only help so much before the demand becomes unreasonable to accomplish by myself. Yes, let’s create a business out of my passion and help more people.  After all, after 30 years I am still passionate about it!!


What’s in it?

We are a company that will tell you EXACTLY what is in our products.  We will cite our claims which are backed by studies and research.  Although it’s fun to hype a product that you are biased towards (and this can be great for profit in a company in the short term), we want long-term relationships with our customers, and we want YOU to hype our products because they WORK.  We want to be a positive part of your life.

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Removing life’s obstacles by creating practical solutions to enable you to have an amazing next chapter.



Improving a person’s life creates a valued bond. From this bond, we would like to earn enough thank you letters to cover the Empire State Building.