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By definition, Science is the study of something. Human Science, however, is a very broad subject. What interests us with humans is their experiences, stories, social habits and cultures. We love to hear all the wonderful stories and we want to hear YOURS!!

Life can present some challenges which can hinder the next chapter’s story of your life. We are bringing to market products which can help you overcome life’s challenges so you can write the next chapter of your life’s journey.


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With this as our mission, we will bring to market what we feel is a worthwhile product that will help people with life’s journey. We want people to live a great life novel and if you are immobile, in pain or not happy, it would be hard to truly create the chapters that you want to live.


JOINT REPAIR DRINK is the answer

From a 30,000 foot level view of this product, we looked at CLINICAL DOSING of natural ingredients which can stand on their own as joint repair and arthritis effecting constituents. We then looked at the synergy between these and have brought together yet another pain relieving team of superhero pain fighters.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • NO pills
  • Works Fast

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our products

Our first series of products focus on mobility.

Human Science Joint Drink UNFLAVORED

From: $69.99 / month


From: $19.99 / month

Human Science Joint Drink

From: $69.99 / month

Enjoy every chapter

Our synergistic ingredients help you to enjoy the good times

QUALITY Ingredients – QUALITY of life

  • GMP certified, product quality first.
  • Third party testing.
  • FDA approved pain cream.
  • Natural ingredients.

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